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  • 250 °F 
Lid Bottom Total
For a "Deep" Dutch, add 2-4 extra coals on lid
Patrol Hints and Cooking Tips
  • When cooking with charcoal, allow 5 to 10 minutes from lighting to cooking
  • Use the Charcoal Calculator on the left to help determine the number of coals needed for your meal.
  • Troop recipes are written for ambient or room temperature. Allow for longer cooking times on winter campouts. Pre-heat frozen Dutch ovens before adding ingredients.
  • Always wash hands before beginning any food preparation.
  • Hot food prepared ahead of time should be kept warm until serving.
  • Don't set cold things like milk out in the heat until the last possible minute.
  • It is the little things that make a meal a success. Salt & pepper and condiments should be on the table at the start of the meal. Foods like oranges should be peeled and segmented, not just tossed to each person at the meal.
  • The appearance of a meal is as important as the meal itself.
  • The patrol should all sit down to the meal together, with all food done at the same time.
  • Guests and cleanup people should be served first. Cooks should always eat last to ensure they have given out proper sized portions.
  • Before sitting down to eat, cleanup water should be on and fire should be built up with cast iron griddle on for cleaning and Dutch oven taken over to the fire as soon as it is empty.
  • Immediately following the meal, cleanup people have water ready and each person washes his own personal gear and puts it away. Cleanup people then wash remaining cooking pots and utensils and clean up both the patrol box and picnic table area.
  • Always clean up food spills immediately to avoid attracting bees and other insects to your patrol site.
  • "Please" and "thank-you" are expected from every Scout at all times.
  • Don't burn garbage while food is being prepared. Save it in a pile to the side and burn it after the meal.
  • Keep the cooking area free of clutter and the patrol box and table free of personal equipment. You won't have a mess unless you make a mess.