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In addition to the youth patrols, the Adults operate as their own patrol in the Troop, the Skunk Patrol.

In addition to advancment within the Scouting program, each patrol also has the opportunity to earn special recognition in the Troop Honor Patrol program, or the National Honor Patrol.

The BSA National Honor Patrol takes 3 Months to achieve, and a patrol earning this award can wear a star patch beneath their patrol patch on their uniform.
Click here for the National Honor Patrol Application

The Troop Honor Patrol program is a monthly competition in which each patrol works to achieve those things that make a patrol function well. Points are awarded based on criteria set by the Senior Leaders.

The coveted prize is eating Sunday breakfast with the adult patrol, which means they can clean up all their equipment Saturday night, and not have to worry about cooking or cleaning that morning.

Honor Patrol Point Criteria:

  • Tag Photos for Historian (1pt per 2 tags, Max 25 pts per person)
  • Tag Photos for Historian (1pt per 2 tags, Max 25 pts per person)
  • Meeting Attendance (3pts per person)
  • Campout Attendance (3 - 5 pts)
    • 3 pts per person
    • 5 pts per person for entire patrol
  • Competition Night (10 - 20 pts)
    • 1st Place - 20pts
    • 2nd Place - 18pts
    • 3rd Place - 16pts
    • 4th Place - 14pts
    • 5th Place - 12pts
    • 6th Place - 10pts
  • Meeting Behavior (1 - 5 pts per meeting)
  • Camp Menus (4 - 10 pts)
    • 6pts - Timliness
    • 4pts - Creativity
  • Patrol Meeting (5pts per meeting, Max 2)
  • Recruiting (10+ Pts)
    • Invite/First Meeting (20pts)
    • Return Visit (10pts)
    • Attend Campout (40pts)
    • Joins Troop 101 (101pts)
  • Volunteering (5pts per person)
  • Patrol Box Inspection (0 - 60 pts, based on score)
  • Tag Photos for Historian (1pt per 2 tags, Max 25)
  • Advancement (10+ pts)
    • Scout - 10pts
    • Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class - 20pts
    • Star, Life, Eagle - 25pts
    • Merit Badges (5pts each)
** Note, 1 Patrol meeting mandatory to win! **

Current Score

Below are the current scores by patrol. Click a Patrol Name to see how they earned the points.